About Us - Early Childhood (Kindy/Pre Primary)

Your child’s time in the early childhood centre establishes the foundation for their attitude to learning and school. 

The program is developmental catering for each child’s intellectual, social, creative and physical growth. The emphasis on “hands on” activities is essential for the development of pre literacy and numeric concepts.
Our centre caters for both Kindergarten and Pre-Primary children and aims at providing a warm, family atmosphere in which your child will feel safe and welcomed.
Parents are welcome at all times to take an active interest in the Kindergarten/Pre-Primary. Your support is essential to creating a meaningful positive program for your child.   Parent Helpers must sign in at the school office and collect a badge.
Please feel free to settle your child in class but we ask that you leave by 8:30am to enable the class program to begin.
Students are required to bring fruit for recess. The Kindy/ Pre-Primary teacher will advise parents of how morning tea will be structured. Alternatives to fruit are vegetables, dried fruit, cheese and pretzels.
Pre-Primary Program
A developmentally appropriate program will operate in Pre-Primary. Learning experiences are planned and prepared to cover cognitive learning and emotional, social and physical development. The Pre-Primary Program will align with the ‘Foundation’ level of the Australian Curriculum.