Curriculum - Homework Policy

As stated in the Department of Education’s guidelines, homework should:
• Support the development of the student’s independence as a learner.
• Further the partnership between school and home.
• Avoid dependence on unreasonable levels of parental assistance or
 resources that are not readily available to the student.
• Be balanced across the learning areas as to avoid stress and overload.
Recommended time for homework
The following amount of time is what you might expect for homework daily (excluding weekends)
Years Pre Primary-Year 2 – Approximately 10-20 minutes
Years 3-4 – Approximately 15-30 minutes
Years 5-6 Approximately 20-40 minutes
Note: These expectations will take into consideration a child’s ability and nature of assignments.
The following expectations exist for teachers, all children, and parents:
Each teacher will:  assign meaningful homework; take into account the capabilities of the class; assign work that will benefit each child and give all children feedback.
Each child will: complete the homework on time and with high quality; and develop good study habits.
Each parent must: encourage his/her child to complete homework; provide for a climate that will foster educational endeavours; and stress the value of hard work and good study habits.
Academic gains are greater when parents take a supportive role in helping the child fulfil his/her responsibility.
Ask your child’s teacher for more information in helping your child complete homework.